After working in a Bank for twenty years, I decided to do something different, 'WELDING'. I checked on the web and found Kims. Being 40 years old, I was a bit scared of the change. I was amazed at the Professionalism and Patience the KWS Team has for their clients. They took extra care of me during my training. This is the only school that has instructors and QC Inspectors to guide you along the journey of training.
It's definitely an Academy of Choice'
- William Van Heerden

Kims Welding School is my Family. I was welcomed and accepted the minute I walked in. The welding Techniques that they use is so simple to understand. Each student has their own bay to work in, therefore I could weld as much as possible. The instructors are very serious of what they do, therefore they go the extra mile to help the students. Even after I completed my course, I still found myself at Kims because of the close relationship I have with the Team.
Thank you KWS Team for the excellent training and all the coaching.
- Mohamed Ahmed

Coming from a dark background, my family had very little hope for me. They were searching for a Miracle. The last chance as Parents, they approached Kims Welding School and explained my behaviour and past. The KWS team firstly advised my parents to bring me in for a 2 hour free Assessment. The team wanted to see if welding is what I really want to do. I was introduced to the training team and shown the Procedure of training. To my amazement, the instructors did not judge me for my past, but encouraged and enlightened me of how welding can changed my life. Training at Kims changed my whole way of living. I now see everything differently.
- Sifiso Gama